Window Cleaning

Commercial & Residential Available

Our professionally trained staff use the proper techniques and top of the line equipment to give you the highest quality job available. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products such as biodegradable soap and micro-fiber cloths that are recycled.

When entrusting your window care to us you will be ensuring a better consistent result over time. Your window seals will be protected, last longer and damage from water spots, acid rain and hard water will be minimized.

If you are in need of a residential window cleaning you are in the right place. We offer a professional, complete and thorough cleaning of your residence.

Exterior Cleaning Service:

  • Washed and Squeegeed windows
  • Window polish with micro fiber cloth
  • Frames and sills are wiped clean


Interior and Exterior Service:

  • Any screens are removed, cleaned and put back
  • Tracks for the windows are cleaned
  • When entering a home cleanliness is the first priority


A number of specialties available services:

  • Residential or cottages
  • Emergency jobs
  • Construction sites
  • Four-pane windows and glass
  • Heritage and antique