QHow often do you recommend windows to be cleaned?

It is really up to you and your best judgement. Many businesses like to clean twice a year, others every few months. As a general rule it is recommended that windows are cleaned a minimum of once a year. This is because stains can be harder to remove over longer periods of time including hard water spots and oxidation.

QAre your window cleaning technicians experienced?
We offer fully qualified technicians. They are fully insured and bonded and always make the extra effort to be clean, courteous and mindful of your comfort.

QWhat happens if there is rain?

If there is rain then we will typically clean the insides of your windows first, then if the rain has stopped continue to wash the outside once finished on the inside. If the rain continues then we will arrange to come back later in the day or another day of the week. Light rain will not hinder the cleaning of windows on the outside.

QDo you offer estimates on residential cleanings?

Absolutely! An estimate can be made from only observing the outside of your residence. A count of the number of windows and the types and we will get back to you with an estimate. Also glass and chandaleirs can also be cleaned upon request.

QIf a window hasn't been cleaned in a long time or has hard water spots are they more difficult to clean?

The short answer is yes. Windows that have been exposed to hard water (sprinklers), acid rain, salt and droppings will take longer to clean. We recommend a cleaning once a year to combat any unwanted conditions.

QDo you clean windows in the winter time?

We clean windows year round, call us any time.

QWhat is your service area?

We serve national capital region like Ottawa Proper, Nepean, Kanata, Barrhaven and Orleans. If there are any other areas that you would like us to come out to just give us a call and we can help you out.

QWhat can I expect during the visit?

Upon arrival we are sure to protect flooring, carpets and furniture with coverings. We also be sure to protect exterior lendscaping, flowers, siding etc. Your windows are then cleaned of dirt, grease, film and finished with a squeegee.

QIs there anything I can do to help the job?

If possible please remove any obstructions from the window sill like knick knacks or plants. If your windows have a screen don't worry we will remove them also and clean them.

QIs there any cleanup to do after?

No there is no clean up to do after the job is done. Only spotless windows are left behind.

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